Trump and Putin Hold a 90-Minute Telephone Call, US Liberals Go Ballistic

By Robert Bridge |

Like a pit bull with its favorite chew toy, the Democrats refuse to abandon the debunked ‘Russian collusion’ script, to the point where a simple phone call between Moscow and Washington triggers rabid media hysterics.

When tasked to cover last week’s telephone conversation between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, the left-leaning mainstream media had a golden opportunity to prove it had moved beyond partisan politics, above intrigue, and above subjective bias. Predictably, it failed the test miserably. What the media did prove, however, came as no surprise: it is totally incapable of casting a gaze beyond the debris-strewn battlefield field known as Russiagate and report on US-Russia relations in a dispassionate and honest manner.

Instead, it obsessed over petty details, like the duration of the phone call and the fact that it was initiated by Donald Trump instead of the Russians. “Trump Initiated Putin Call, And It Was 90 Minutes, Not 60,” a snooty headline in the Huffington Post screamed, much like dozens of other unhinged outlets as if the world’s myriad problems can be sorted out in an afternoon over Twitter. Continue reading


‘Click-Gap’ Is Facebook’s Latest Tool to Favor Establishment Media

Facebook received a lot of attention for overt censorship last week. But the social network is engaging in covert suppression of independent media too — most recently with its introduction of “Click-Gap,” a way of favoring established websites and suppressing non-established ones.

The Click-Gap system will penalize websites that haven’t established “authority” outside Facebook, where “authority” is measured by the number of clicks they receive from sources outside the platform, such as mainstream media sources.

Here’s how Facebook’s “VP of integrity” and “VP of news integrity” explained it on the company’s official blog: Continue reading

Rebelling against ‘globalism’ and a ‘new world order’ doesn’t make Farage an ‘anti-Semite’

Anti-Semites do favor conspiracies about shadowy international networks of influence, but that doesn’t mean that anyone who raises concerns about “globalism” or the emergence of a “new world order” should be labeled a neo-Nazi.

The accusation was aired against Nigel Farage in a two-part hitpiece by the Guardian, a fortnight before an EU parliamentary election in which his Brexit party is now predicted to become the biggest faction representing the UK. The British newspaper rummaged through a decade of the former UKIP leader’s interviews with Infowars host Alex Jones, and then invited activists and political adversaries to condemn him. Continue reading

The Brexit Desperation Rises as the Betrayal Deepens

By Tom Luongo

As I watch the desperation of these people, obviously loyal to the European Union first and their constituents a distant fourth or fifth – after themselves, their party and any corporate lobbyists – it’s clear they don’t have any clue as to how to get out of the mess they’ve made for themselves.

Yesterday the British parliament again took over the business from the government and again was incapable of providing any direction to that government as to what kind or type of Brexit would be acceptable. Continue reading

The Delusional Futurism Of “Liberal World Order” Academics

By Brandon Smith

Perhaps this is an overly broad generalization, but I feel there is an almost universal feeling among the public that there is something intrinsically annoying about academia. The source of this annoyance is up for debate, but I believe it stems from the image academics project versus the reality of their personal character and intent. Your average university approved academic will say that some people find them distasteful because they are “so smart”, and this makes others envious. I would say it’s the opposite – the average academic is actually quite ignorant, but brandishes a false image of being a genius. This is why I often refer to them as “academic idiots”. Continue reading

Tucker Carlson Beats CNN’s Entire Line-Up Combined, So Now CNN Targets His Advertisers

Paul Joseph Watson

After Tucker Carlson outperformed CNN’s entire prime time line-up combined, CNN published an article attacking his advertisers.

The Fox News host achieved 3,475,000 total viewers last week, beating CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo, who could only muster 2,474,000 viewers between the three of them. Continue reading